The 19th ArchaeoSciences Seminar

The ArchaeoSciences platform of the Research Institute of the University of Bucharest (ICUB) is pleased to announce the 19th ArchaeoSciences Seminar.

These seminars are an original initiative of our division that has the goal of providing a setting for professionals in the Archaeological Sciences field from different parts of the world, to share knowledge, and transmit meaningful information about the latest issues regarding the current methods and approaches used to study the past. It is also a chance for Romanian students to learn more about the various interdisciplinary aspects of archaeology.

This seminar will take place between 29-30 November 2021, and our guest speakers are Dr. Christophe Snoeck, head of the Brussels Bioarchaeology Lab (Belgium), and Dr. Kevin Salesse, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) / University of Bordeaux (France).

Christophe Snoeck combines his multi-disciplinary expertise in the fields of archaeology and geochemistry to answer key archaeological questions. Following a MSc in chemical engineering (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2010), he obtained a second MSc (2011) and a PhD (2015) in archaeological science from the University of Oxford (UK). He came back to Belgium as a post-doctoral researcher at the VUB in the department of chemistry to work with Prof. Philippe Claeys. In 2017 he obtained a post-doctoral fellowship from both the FWO (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek – Vlaanderen) and the FNRS (Fond de Recherche Scientifique de la Belgique). In 2020 he obtained an ERC Starting Grant (LUMIERE) to develop new tools for state-of-the-art analyses of burned human remains and study past mobility at a European scale. In February 2021 he started a new academic position as Research Professor at the VUB, jointly between the departments of Chemistry, and Art Sciences and Archaeology. His lecture at Bucharest, entitled “Mobility and landscape use in Europe – An isotopic approach”, will explore ancient mobility in population that practised both cremation and inhumation across Europe using a diachronic approach based on the strontium isotopes analysis.

Kevin Salesse is a science-based archaeologist specializing in bioanthropology and biogeochemistry and interested in a range of biocultural issues related to the past. His main work focuses on the study of dietary habits, funerary practices and mobility of Graeco-Roman populations (e.g. Catacombs of Saints Peter and Marcellinus, Pompeii, etc.), although scientific opportunities have also offered me to work on other archaeological and forensic contexts (e.g. soldiers from modern period in Prague or from the First World War in France).  He is the founder and director of the IsoArcH initiative (, an open access isotope database for bioarchaeology supported by a community of isotope experts with a strong interest in bioarchaeology. Through IsoArcH, Kevin is proposing new tools to facilitate researchers to enter fully into the era of Big Data and Open Science. He is the editor-in-chief of Anthropologica et Praehistorica, the journal of the Royal Belgian Society of Anthropology and Prehistory (founded in 1882), of which he is also the treasurer.

His lecture at Bucharest, entitled “The IsoArcH initiative: a step towards open science in molecular bioarchaeology”, will focus on the importance of this database, along with the presentation of newly developed features and functions of it, with concrete examples, in order to introduce the best practices for data compilation and sharing

This event will take place starting with 10:00 am (EET) at the Faculty of Biology, in the Conference Room of the Research Platform in Biology and Systematic Ecology (Splaiul Independenței, no. 91-95, Bucharest).

We look forward to exciting discussions!

ArchaeoScience#RO Team

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