Interdisciplinary methodology for the study of domestic features of the Iron Age in the Western Mediterranean

The ArchaeoSciences Platform within the Research Institute of the University of Bucharest will organize, on December 14th, 2021, a new event from the ArchaeoSciences Workshops series, reunited under the title “Interdisciplinary methodology for the study of domestic features of the Iron Age in the Western Mediterranean“.

The workshop is addressed to UB students, masters and doctoral students, and it will include the contributions of the following lectures: Professor Maria-Carme Belarte (ICREA and Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology, Spain), Dr. Marta Portillo (IMF-CSIC, Spain), Dr. Marta Mateu (University of Barcelona and UNAM, Spain), Dr. Carme Saorin (GRAP-University of Barcelona, Spain), Dr. Alessandra Pecci (ERAAUB-University of Barcelona, Spain), Dr. Sílvia Vila (University of Lleida, Spain), Dr. Valentina Pescini (Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology, Spain) and Dr. María Pastor (Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology, Spain).

The addressed topic is a challenging one at European level. Generally, domestic architecture in the Iron Age in the Western Mediterranean has been approached from different perspectives in the last decades. Most of the studies focus on the architecture itself as well as on the domestic features (hearths, ovens, benches, etc.) that are easily identified in the archaeological record. The analysis of the associations of these items with different kinds of manufactured objects (pottery, metallic tools and utensils, etc.) is at the basis of the interpretation of the use of spaces. However, objects can also have been moved from their original place. Bioarchaeological remains are also usually analyzed in order to complete this picture, particularly macrofaunal bones and macrobotanical remains (seeds, fruits and charcoal). In addition, microscopical analyses (calcitic microfossils, micromorphology, geochemical techniques, organic chemistry, etc.) have been added to the previously mentioned and most traditional methods. The integrated study of all these disciplines allows a more refined approach to the study of daily activities and the management of resources exploited by past societies in order to obtain food, fuels, etc. Some examples of these techniques are presented, particularly applied to the study of the combustion installations and other domestic or artisanal structures in the Iron Age Western Mediterranean.

The workshop aims to familiarize students at all levels of vocational training (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate) with the main directions and trends related to multiple investigations of archaeological discoveries with bioarchaeological, archaeometrical, and archaeological disciplines input.

Due to the extraordinary measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the lecture will be online on 14/12/2021, and it will take place starting with 12:00 pm (EET), via Google Meet Platform:

We look forward to exciting discussions!

ArchaeoScience#RO Team

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