Earth, Environment and Life Sciences

The Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences Division of ICUB is working towards excellence in the research areas within biology, geography and geology sciences, by creating an attractive research platform and funding opportunities for the very best individual researchers and groups from our university, but also for foreign leading scientists and young researchers.


1 B. P. Hașdeu St., 50567, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40(0)21-3058235

Events Archive

Istoria meteorologiei românești. Vremea în practici și obiceiuri populare (14.12.2018)

Annual Meeting of the National Neuroscience Society of Romania, SNN2018 (18-20.10.2018)

Transferul cunoașterii privind investigarea proprietăţilor antiinfecţioase şi antitumorale ale unor noi formulări cosmetice și farmaceutice pe bază de extracte naturale BeeHerE (17.09 – 4.10.2018)

Biomonitoring of aquatic ecosystems using e DNA methodologies (26-28.09.2018)

Weather, climate and society (21.08.2018)

Urban Climate Summer School Second Edition (27-31.08.2018)

Summer School on Flow Cytometry 2nd Edition Advanced level cytometry workshops (06-08.07.2018)

National Conference of Biophysics 2018 (07-10.09.2018)

Joint ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference and 8th ESENIAS Workshop (26-27.09.2018)

Counteracting Drug-Resistant Fungal Infections: A New Purpose for Ebselen? (11.05.2018)

Weather-Ready, Climate-Smart (23.03.2018)

Understanding the cross habitat interactions between aquatic and terrestrial habitats in order to optimize biodiversity, ecosystem services and management (19.03.2018 – 23.03.2018)

Weather, climate and society (13.03.2018)

Cercetarea și valorificarea integrată a patrimoniului arheologic de la Reșca Romula (22.02.2018)

Romula – the Capital of Roman Province of Dacia Inferior (Malvensis)- research program. Potential, Problems, Perspectives (15.12.2017)

Oceans, Islands and Volcanoes Of The Geologic Past In The Romanian Carpathian Mountains (13.12.2017)

Neuronal populations involved in fast antidepressant responses (1.11.2017)

Uncertainties, Severe Weather, and Communication: How Severe Weather Communication is Changing in the United States (26.10.2017)

Third Circular & Programme of the Eleventh Romanian Symposium on Palaeontology (25.09.2017 – 30.09.2017)

Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences Division Fellows Workshop (21.09.2017)

Urban Climate Summer School (21.08.2017 – 26.08.2017)

Precision Nutricion: Using nutrigenetics in defining individualized nutritional needs (12.06.2017 – 16.06.2017)

International Summer School and Joint Symposium on Flow Cytometry” (6.06.2017 – 9.06.2017)

Grădini botanice universitare – de la status-quo la perspective de dezvoltare (13.05.2017)

EPA Science in Decision Making to Serve Environmental, Economic, and Social Goals (10.05.2017)

Performanța academică în România: probleme, soluții și instrumente de măsurare (5.04.2017)

Conference Dedicated to the World Meteorological Day 2017 (14.03.2017)

International workshop “Who is afraid of biostats?” (17.12.2016)

Climate Extremes and Urban Climate (15.12.2016)

Eveniment de informare referitor la Programul Transnațional Dunărea (23.10.2016)

Natural versus anthropogenic causes of climate variability and feedback from bio-geo-chemical processes (NatClimVar)(18.10.2016 – 22.10.2016)

Workshop on the presence of anti-microbial resistance in Enterobacteriaceae and its dissemination to people through the food chain (17.10.2016 – 21.10.2016)

Pharmacogenomics and risk management in personalized cancer treatment (2.09.2016 – 3.09.2016)

Changes in storminess and coastal erosion induced by climate variability along the Black Sea coasts. Management and Adaptation (1.07.2016)

Second BIS Workshop: bioinformatic and statistical tools for data analysis (10.06.2016)

Inaugural BIS Workshop: News from the Microbiota (13.05.2016)

Symposium – The role of multidisciplinary approach to chemicals management challenges and the future specialists(26.11.2015)

International Conference – Environment at a CrossrOads: SMART approaches for a sustainable future – ECOSMART (12-15.11.2015)

Landscape Ecology Days (04-08.09.2015)

National Conference of Cytometry (20.04.2015)

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