Exact Sciences

The Exact Sciences Division of the ICUB is composed of researchers from three Faculties from the University of Bucharest: Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and Faculty of Physics. Its mission is to foster and promote research and interdisciplinary projects at the University of Bucharest.


4-12 Regina Elistabeta St., 030018, Bucharest, Romania
Email: exactsciences@icub.unibuc.ro
Phone: +40(0)21-3058235

Events Archive

FROM 2018, Working Formal Methods Symposium 2018

2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Artificial Intelligence (RAAI) 2018

Biomolecules: Information stemming from Magnetic Resonance, Diffraction, and Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation

Workshop for Young Researchers in Mathematics

Topology and Geometry: A conference in memory of Stefan Papadima (1953-2018)

Workshop on Label-free imaging and sensing of biospecimens

Workshop on Free Will and Quantum Indeterminacy

Incompleteness and Incomputability: Theory vs. Practice


The 25th National School on Algebra The REGULARITY of the INVARIANT National School on Algebra, a GENERIC edition!

Working Formal Methods Symposium – FROM 2017

Commutative Algebra meeting Algebraic Geometry” in honor of Dorin Popescu’s 70th birthday

RAAI 2017: 1st Conference on Recent Advances in Artificial Intelligence

ICUB Talks: Exact Sciences Section: Hyperpolarised Magnetic Resonance

Proiectele majore ale României: ALFRED: Stadiul actual și perspective

Workshop for Young Researchers in Mathematics

DANUBIUS-RI: Descriere generală şi perspective

Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP): Stadiul implementării şi perspective

ICUB Talks: A Mathematical Theory of Self-Regulation in Infinite Populations

Hierarchical and modular reasoning in complex theories and applications to the verification of parametric systems

FMI/IMAR Logic Seminar Special Talk – Roberto Giuntini

The probe and enclosure methods for inverse obstacle problems governed by partial differential equations

An introduction to non-Kähler geometry: A chemical analysis of complex manifolds

Complex Projective Geometry

Iterated Fourier Series

Networks of picture processors

Chemistry: puzzle or Lego?

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