Our mission is to promote and stimulate outstanding research in the humanities. The institute encourages international projects in disciplines such as history, philology, philosophy, intellectual history and religious studies, as well as interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary projects.

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True to our mission to foster collaboration both locally and at the international level, we are committed to the organization of top-quality interdisciplinary, research-oriented events, such as research seminars, workshops, colloquia, and international conferences. We are happy to collaborate with Departments and Research Centers of the University of Bucharest and we encourage and support collaborative proposals.


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Events Archive

Workshop: Philosophical Cosmology in Early Modern Europe, (6-7.12.2018)

Conference: Romanian and the Romance languages. The 18th international conference of the Department of Linguistics, (23-24.11.2018)

Conference: Administrative accountability in the later Middle Ages: Records, procedures, and their societal impact, (16-17.11.2018)

Workshop:Mathematizing Physics or Physicalizing Mixed Mathematics?, (1–2.10.2018)

Workshop:Ramus and the Reform of Learning, (27.09.2018)

Conference: From Natural History to the Metaphysics of Nature, (18-19.09.2018)

Conference:Axiomatic Mathematics and Phenomenology, (3-4.09.2018)

Conference: The Romance Turn 9, (30.08 – 1.09.2018)

Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy and ScienceBucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy and Science (17th edition), (28.06 – 4.07.2018)

New Work in Logic and Philosophy of Science, (15.06.2018)

Ramus Workshop, (3.05.2018)

Workshop: Facets of “Participation” in the Renaissance and the Early Modern Period, (19-21.04.2018)

Bucharest Graduate Conference on History and Philosophy of Science, (16-17.03.2018)

Bucharest Colloquium in Early Modern Science, (13-15.03.2018)

Workshop: Francis Bacon’s Sylva Sylvarum: an exercise in philosophical translation, (17-18.01.2018)

Conference: Reformation and Modernity, (17-18.11.2017)

Conference: Rethinking Disease. New Theoretical Foundations for Clinical Treatment, (10.11.2017)

Masterclass on Galileo’s Methods of Investigation and Discovery, (24-28.10.2017)

ICUB – MPIWG workshop on Graphs, Networks and Digital Humanities, (8-11.10.2017)

Conference: Metaphysics after the ‘Scientific Revolution’ (1687-1781), (2-3.10.2017)

École d’été francophone de byzantinologie. Étudier le Monde Byzantin. Méthodologies et Interprétations, (30.08 – 5.09.2017)

Polish-Romanian Workshop on Scientific modelling and explanation Philosophical & scientific perspectives from cognitive science and beyond, (26-27.06.2017)

Roundtable discussion on Digital Humanities, (20.06.2017)

Workshop: Scrisoare despre „umanism” – după 70 de ani, (31.05.2017)

Conference: Philosophical Controversies and Preisfragen: Shaping the Enlightenment between Wolff and Kant, (18-19.05.2017)

Talk: Dan Cautis (Georgetown University), The Problems and Limitations of Scientism, (15.05.2017)

Roundtable discussion on Digital Humanities, (12.05.2017)

Roundtable Discussion on Rivers and Seas in European History, (5.05.2017)

Talk: Bogdan Dicher, Logical pluralism: internal/external consequence relations, (11.05.2017)

Roundtable discussion on Digital Humanities, (7.04.2017)

Bucharest Graduate Conference in Early Modern Philosophy, (31.03 – 1.04.2017)

Masterclass on Isaac Newton: Historian and Philosopher, (30.03.2017)

Workshop: Meaning and essence: ancient and contemporary perspectives (10.03.2017)

Roundtable discussion on Digital Humanities, (9.03.2017)

Talk: Adam Ledgeway (University of Cambridge), talks at the Faculty of Letters (23-24.02.2017)

Workshop: Medierea discursivă în neoplatonism (17.12.2016)

Conference: The 16th International Conference of the Department of Linguistics – Romanian Linguistics, Romance Linguistics (24-26.11.2016)

Talk: Lee Basham (South Texas College), Media and government investigation in democracies: How toxic truths subvert them (21.11.2016)

Talk: Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe (Lincoln School of Fine and Performing Arts, University of Lincoln), Towards a Theatre of the Heart (17.11.2016)

A Seminar on Two Williamsonian Perspectives (11.11.2016)

Conference:Bucharest Colloquium in Early Modern Science (24-26.10.2016)

Colloquium: The Janus Face of the Early Modern Imagination (9-10.09.2016)

Conference: Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy (16th edition) (11-16.07.2016)

Half-Day Workshops (5-6.07.2016)

Workshop “Speculative and Experimental Philosophy at the Berlin Academy” (21-22.06.2016)

Half-Day Workshop in Philosophy of Science (20.04.2016)

Talk: Andrew Irvine (University of British Andrew), Two Theories of Academic Freedom (19.04.2016)

Workshop on “Simplification and Reductionism in Early Modern Science” (14.04.2016)

Workshop on Baconian Themes in Natural and Moral Philosophy (01.04.2016)

Masterclass on “The Nature and Status of Principles in Western Thought” (15-18.03.2016)

Talk: Falk Wunderlich (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg), Thinking matter in Germany, 1770-1790 (3.03.2016)

Half-Day Workshop in Philosophy of Science (26.02.2016)

Workshop “Knowledge Unlimited: Intellectual Curiosity and Innovation in Byzantium” (11-12.02.2016)

Workshop “Manipulating Flora. Gardens as Laboratories in the Renaissance and Early Modern Europe” (21-22.01.2016)

Talk: Miklos Redei (London School of Economics), Informal, early reception of Imre Lakatos’ “Proofs and Refutations“ (17.12.2015)

Workshop “Simplification & Distortion as Scientific Strategy” (10.12.2015)

Talk: John Symons (University of Kansas), Progress in posthuman science (27.11.2015)

Half-Day Workshop in Philosophy of Science (24.11.2015)

Conference: Bucharest Colloquium in Early Modern Science (06-07.11.2015)

Talk: Julian Hanich (University of Groningen), I, You and We: Sketch for a Phenomenology of the Collective Cinema Experience (27.11.2015)

Masterclass “Isaac Newton’s Philosophical Projects” (06-10.10.2015)

Talk: Karin Kuchler (Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iași / Universität Wien), Historiography and the Definition of Philosophy (16.06.2015)

Talk: Philip Beeley (University of Oxford), Reconstructing scientific networks in the seventeenth century: John Wallis and his correspondence (11.06.2015)

Half-day workshop in robo-ethics (02.06.2015)

Workshop “Natural History, Mathematics, and Metaphysics in the Seventeenth Century” (26-27.05.2015)

Masterclass “Plato and Platonism” (18.05.-05.06.2015)

Masterclass “Space, Time, and Motion in the Early Modern Period” (18-22.05.2015)

Talk: Aurélien Demars (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 / Université de Limoges), Apocalypse, eschatologie: le mal de l’histoire selon Cioran (15.05.2015)

Talk: Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Columbia University), The philosopher as translator (13.05.2015)

Talk: Sven Dupré (Max-Planck-Institut Berlin), Doing it Wrong. The Translation of Artisanal Knowledge and the Codification of Error (9.04.2015)

Talk: Shunzo Majima (Hokkaido University), Research Ethics in the Japanese Context (27.02.2015)

Talk: Enrico Pasini (University of Turin), Early Modern Theories of Passions and the European Mind (15.01.2015)

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