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True to our mission to foster collaboration both locally and at the international level, we are committed to the organization of top-quality interdisciplinary, research-oriented events, such as research seminars, workshops, colloquia, and international conferences. We are happy to collaborate with Departments and Research Centers of the University of Bucharest and we encourage and support collaborative proposals.

Co-organized international events

The venue of such events can be the Institute (Dimitrie Brandza 1), or any other location of the University of Bucharest. Please mark that the seminar room of ICUB Humanities can host a max. of 25 people in the audience.

If you want to organize an international event with the ICUB Humanities, please send us:

  • A description of the event (main topic and format, dates, targeted audience and expected outcomes);
  • A short description of each of the invited speakers;
  • Contact details of the organizers.

How can we help you:

  • By covering the accommodation costs for the invited speakers, during the event (maximum 4 nights at Hotel Siqua and maximum 3 speakers per event);
  • By offering infrastructure and administrative support;
  • By publicizing your event on our lists, web-site and newsletter;
  • Please mark that we cannot cover flights for the invited speakers, or lunches, coffee-breaks and dinners. For all these you need separate funding.

Expected outcomes:

  • The establishment of international networks. Please mark that in case of too many proposals received from faculties, preference will be given to those of higher scientific visibility and concrete networking results;
  • To promote the participation of the University research teams in international networks and consortia and prepare international applications;
  • Publications in high profile scientific journals or edited volumes with high profile, international publishers (acknowledging the ICUB support).
Research Seminars

The ICUB Humanities hosts at present several regular research seminars. These are regular interdisciplinary, international projects, in which established scholars, young researchers and students are reporting their recent findings and test their ideas. Seminars take place usually twice per month, at the ICUB Humanities (Dimitrie Brandza 1). The language of the seminars is English. Seminar conveners become associate members of the Institute.

If you want to organize a seminar or reading group at the ICUB Humanities, please send us:

  • A short description of the seminar containing:
    • Description of the main topic and format;
    • Targeted audience and resource persons;
    • Envisaged topics for the meetings and calendar.
  • Some possible dates – please check our calendar of public events before proposing the dates, and prepare to be flexible (we need to accommodate many events on a limited space).
  • A personal CV (including a list of publications).

How can we help you:

  • By offering infrastructure and administrative support;
  • By publicizing your event on our lists, web-site and newsletter;
  • In case you plan to invite a high-profile, internationally visible invited speaker, we can help by providing 2 nights of accommodation (at Hotel Gaudeamus) once per semester, and help you organize a double event (with the invited speakers giving an interdisciplinary talk for the ICUB Humanities fellows and in your own research seminar).

Expected outcomes:

  • To establish a research group specialized on the topic of the seminar, which will apply for national and European grants;
  • Articles and conference papers in high quality research journals (preferably international journals) acknowledging the ICUB support.

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